What are Serviced Apartments

A serviced apartment is a furnished apartment available for short-term or long-term stay, which usually provides amenities of a regular home, and possibly more.

Serviced apartments are usually less expensive than equivalent hotel rooms and provide more space and amenities. These are especially cost effective if there are a larger number of people staying. eg. 3 people staying in a one bedroom serviced apartment, or 4 to 5 people staying in a 2 bedroom apartment, or for Large Groups travelling for Exhibitions, Marriages, Company Project Teams etc.

Serviced Apartments are usually available for Short Term Accommodation, from periods of stay of 1 Day onward, however there are those that may stipulate a minimum stay period which may be a week or a month at times.

Because of the need for cheaper domestic as well as international travel with the want for more living space, and also the want for the additional space along with more amenities and sophistication, there has been a corresponding increase in the numbers, as well as types of service apartments provided in Mumbai. Independent flats, a regular residential building, and even Hotels are converting to offering serviced apartments, as well as rooms.

In Mumbai one could find anything from Standard Rooms, to Studio Apartments, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom serviced Apartments, in both, Hotel Apartments as well as Residential Properties, as well as Bungalows available for short term stay as Serviced Apartments, in Mumbai.

The interest in serviced apartments has risen exponentially from the time we started our activities in the field of serviced apartments from the UK, and then shortly after, started the same in India as well, in 1995.

People owning furnished apartments in various parts of Mumbai as well as Hotel Apartments, can also now offer their properties as Serviced Apartments in Mumbai, using our services as well.

Service Apartments